Welcome To Optimal Retail

Optimal Retail one of the world's leading retail and fastest growing company of India.

About Us

Optimal Retail one of the world's leading retail and fastest growing company of India.

After more than a decade working in the real estate industry the founder saw the need for a fresh and progressive approach to the Indian property market with a necessity for an agency to stand out from the rest of the crowd that could redefine Indian retail industry.

OPTIMAL RETAIL has grown from a one man operation to an organisation of 45 staff members over 3 offices, with four brands in its portfolio.

The organization has been quoted as being 'The fastest growing Retail in India' by Franchise India.

As a company we understand that the most popular configuration combined a moderate-sizefood court with several casual and fast-casual cuisines.

We have been able to achieve higher revenues due to in-house team management & give better returns to the investors.

Chairman's Profile

Mr. Vishal Mahajan a veteran in the food industry & Indian history.With experience of more than 12 years after working in Indian retail & real estate. He started his venture in name of Devras.

He has sharp management & financial planning acumen which has paved way for establishment of an effective business process during his tenure with various organisation.

His forte lies in delivering world class high quality & innovative real estate projects in India, has facilitated 'OPTIMAL RETAIL' to incorporate Quality, Trust & Transparency ethics across retail group companies.

An MBA from London & Post Graduate in Commerce from Delhi University he has experience of 18 years across real estate & retail industry.


Devras is one-stop solution to all your catering & food needs. The company has its own packed food with a robust supply chain network.



Necessity is an New Zealand Brand providing a wide variety of products; Fruits & Vegetables, Beverages, Grocery, Meat, Fish & Poultry, Dairy,



Players Restro Bars usually have a younger crowd and patronage. They serve a variety of alcohol such as beer, wine, cocktails



Make my Café is a smart fusion of ambience of café culture and healthy Indian food palate.



Skittle Bowling Arena is a games and recreational centre. It has 4 lanes of LED lit and also has games such as air hockey