To be the foremost Retail Brand which makes India healthy and happy, with an obsession to provide wholesome and freshest foods and Home products of daily necessities.

Passionately deliver convenient, competitive and meaningful solutions to the evolving regular needs of the Indian consumer in a sustainable and responsible manner.



Necessity was started by Mr.Vishal Mahajan, his team of leading CEO’s of same Trade.

All India rights with Mr. Vishal Mahajan.

The core strength of the group is the Team and Leadership.

Our Group is one of the India’s first organize retails operating  primarily in food and grocery segment.

Currently Available in Delhi NCR, Necessity will sells over 15000+ product online as well as at our store offering the convenience of delivery at your door.


Competitive Strategies

Business Model – At optimal retail, the Indian consumer lies at the center of all our efforts, and the strive consistently prived a defferentaited shopping experience while ranking almost India's top retailer and delivering super return to all stockholders. We also encourage our business partners to imliment standerds for business ethics compatible with our own.

Business policy – Our business values embody our spirit, drive our performance and guide us in how we conduct our business .

Organization – Transparent structure.

Innovative approaches – The segment would be catered middle class, higher middle class and upper class families by giving them product lowest price from market.

Multi – level –marketing – Will develop chain of customer by giving them some amount of free shopping per month on behalf of referral chain.

Quality credentials – The items that would be available in our stores would completely with the highest food quality standards from top FMCG companies


PROJECTION : Necessity is poised to open 100 stores across India which will cover major and minor cities of 17 states.

PHASE -I PLAN : Necessity id currently focused to be operational in Northern India primarily Delhi & NCR, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand with the opening 200 stores in finical year by year 2020 , Even 12 Store will come in operation in Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi & NCR.

PHASE -2 PLAN : After completing our Phase-1 Plan, Necessity will cover East by openig 167 Store in which state will including Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pardesh and Orissa etc

PHASE -3 PLAN : IN In Phase -3 and Last Necessity will move to South , West and Central India by Opening 263 Store in Kerala,Andhra Pardesh,Tamilnaidu , Bangaluru,Goa,Gujarat, Maharastra, and Madhya pardesh.

Grocery Shoping Marketing In India

The grocery market in India has gained a lot of traction over the past few year with the emergence of a host of first generation start-up sand already established traditional grocery chains expanding to the physical and digital platform. According to a recently released report, India's online grocery market is estimated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 62 percent between 2016-2022. While the market on the online platform is still in its nascent stage, the over all grocery market in the country is already worth over US $360billion(Rs21,60,000crore) making India is the sixth largest grocery market in the world and is expected to touch US$ 1trillion by 2020. The online sales are expected to reach around 2 percent of the over all grocery market by 2020, creating a potential market size of around US$10billion (Rs60,000crore) following the surge in number of players operating in the industry.

Market watchers expect a lot more creativity in business models in the grocery business in India in coming days. However, the industry is still far from moving beyond the Tier-I cities as there is still a lot of headroom for growth in metros and scaling up remains a challenge for even the domestic established names in this industry.

Hyper Market/ Super Market In India

India still lags way behind in organized retailing as per international standards but recent trends show that the scope of growth of organized retailing Is very high. Further, the number of individual retailers is around 12million in India, which is highest in the world. The Indian Retail sector contributes around 10-11% to Gross Domestic Product, amounting to around US $180billion.The growth of the Indian supermarkets can be attributed to the rising of the Indian service sector. Today, a number of Indian business houses are diversifying in to the retail sector to capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunity.

The growth of Supermarkets of India in recent years has been quite heartening. With the economic liberalization and opening-up of Indian markets to foreign investments, the Indian economic growth was catapulted significantly. The Indian supermarkets mainly retail food items and household goods. The Supermarkets in India also offers other important items like garments, home furnishings, toiletries, consumer durables, electronics etc.